The Digital Impressions Group is the new venture of Warren Davey, formerly Managing Director of Xeikon Australia and Grish Rewal, Managing Director of Absolute Electronics, an experienced provider of niche service solutions to the printing and

The Digital Impressions Group exclusively caters to the supply of Digital Printing Solutions for the graphic arts market in Australia and New Zealand.

“We believe that the key to success with digital, is being one hundred percent focused on the supply and support of digital printing solutions and nothing else,” says Davey. “We know from past experience, that digital in the graphic arts industry requires very specialised knowledge in sales service and support, something that I believe we are uniquely positioned to provide.”

Rewal elaborates “With over 25 years in the service arena we recognise the high expectations of our clients with a better understanding of the challenges and diversification of this dynamic market. It’s this partnership, with our clients, that gives the edge to succeed.”

The Digital Impressions Group through Davey and Rewal, bring a wealth of experience that dates back to the first introduction of production digital printing equipment in Australia.  The company has offices in Sydney and Melbourne.  Contact Warren Davey for more information on 0408 974 797 or

About The Digital Impressions Group Pty Ltd
Headquartered in Melbourne, The Digital Impressions Group is a company that specialises in the supply and service of professional digital printing solutions for the graphic arts market.  It offers a variety of solutions for workflow, printing and finishing
For more information email or contact Warren Davey on 0408 974 797

About Absolute Electronics Pty Ltd
With offices in Melbourne and Sydney, Absolute Electronics’ service strategy is focused on supplying services to original equipment manufacturers, specialised niche markets and large corporations.
For more information see or contact Grish Rewal on 03 9646 2999

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