New offerings from HP at ISA included a Scitex FB7600 upgrade, expanded HP Latex media options and metallic printing capability introduced at ISA Sign Expo.

HP introduced the HP Scitex FB7600/FB7500 Enhanced Color Pack upgrade for the HP Scitex FB7600 which provides a scalable ink option to better meet client colour needs and deliver point-of-purchase (POP) applications with high image quality.
Offering a six-, seven- or eight-colour configuration, the first inks available for the colour pack are the HP FB225 Orange and Light Black Scitex Inks. HP FB225 Orange Scitex Ink provides a broader gamut for vivid colours with more realistic skin tones and improved spot matching for brand colours with increased analog-to-digital consistency. HP FB225 Light Black Scitex Ink creates smoother gray solids and improves neutrality. This ink can be added to the press’ six process colours, allowing PSPs to enhance image quality and achieve higher productivity.
Existing HP Scitex FB7600 or upgraded FB7500 Industrial Press customers can expand their capabilities with the HP Scitex FB7500/7600 Enhanced Color Pack. The Color Pack and inks are expected to be available worldwide on May 1, 2013.

Expanded HP Latex media options increase versatility and performance
To improve service quality and availability of HP-branded sign and display media for HP Latex Inks, HP has entered into a licensing agreement with Brand Management Group (BMG), a company specialising in media distribution worldwide. Under the terms of this agreement, BMG will source, market and distribute a limited portfolio of HP-branded media while HP continues developing advanced media coatings and treatments. The HP media products available from BMG are limited to those intended for sign and display applications, optimised for HP Latex Inks and available on 3-inch cores. BMG is expected to begin distributing HP-branded media through its global network of dealers on May 1, 2013.

In 2012, HP announced plans to work with leading media suppliers to co-develop new media using ColorPRO Technology. Aurora Specialty Textiles Group, Inc. and Cooley Group are the first companies to introduce sign and display media solutions engineered with this technology. Aurora Specialty Textiles Group and Cooley Group will develop, manufacture and distribute textile substrates for use with HP Latex Inks and non-PVC banner solutions for use with HP Latex and UV ink solutions, respectively. These new media options are expected to be available in late summer 2013.

HP Latex Printing Technology owners can now easily select media from a range of third-party suppliers with the new Media Certification Program for HP Latex Inks. The program streamlines the media selection process and identifies the most appropriate substrates tested with HP Latex Inks and printers, including media engineered with colourPRO Technology.  Approved substrates will feature a “Certified for HP Latex Inks” icon, making it easier for customers to view media options for HP Latex Printers in the media solutions locator.

High-value metallic printing solution for HP Scitex FB700/500 Industrial Printers

After a successful introduction for the HP Scitex FB7600 Industrial Press, HP announced a metallic colours effect application, supported by HP software partner Color-Logic, for the HP Scitex FB700 and FB500 Industrial Printers. The Color-Logic software enables customers to produce metallic effects ideal for high-quality retail and POP applications, as well as package prototyping. Expected to be available April 4, 2013, the new offering requires the Color-Logic Printers Design Suite & License, HP FB251 Scitex White Ink and HP-approved media for metallic substrates.

“To remain competitive, sign and display PSPs are constantly looking for ways to evolve their businesses from a single core specialty to producing a variety of applications under one roof,” said Xavier Garcia, vice president and general manager, Sign and Display Business, HP. “These application enhancements, new media options and alliances allow our customers to confidently expand into new markets, helping them strategically grow their service offerings.”

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