Xaar has announced the approval of China's Shiny Color’s SC-X128 range of solvent inks for use with its Xaar 128 printheads. Shiny Color Inks manufactures solvent-based inks for a strong domestic market and for worldwide export. Shiny Color has especially developed its SC-X128 ink range to provide optimum performance with Xaar 128 printheads (both 40 and 80 picolitre models).

To receive Xaar ‘Approved’ status, the ink passed a comprehensive range of tests including materials compatibility, printhead lifetime testing, print performance and extended reliability testing.  As a result users can be confident that Shiny Color inks offer outstanding jetting and optimised performance.

Shiny Colour is one of only two ink manufacturers in China to achieve Xaar-approved status on solvent inks and authorised to display the Xaar seal of approval. This easily identifiable, tamper-evident hologram is synonymous with a genuine Xaar-approved product and conveys confidence that this range of inks will jet reliably when used with the Xaar 128 printhead

Xaar works with the world's leading ink manufacturers to develop and approve the widest range of compatible inkjet inks to provide assurance that they offer the highest performance when used in conjunction with Xaar's complete range of market-leading printheads.

Dr Jill Woods, Ink Product Manager at Xaar explains: “It’s important that the Chinese market can source quality ink from approved suppliers with the confidence that it will provide the highest performance. Low-quality, third party, unapproved inks cause considerable problems including blockage and failure of printhead components which in turn produces low-quality results and expensive machine downtime. By working with respected companies such as Shiny Color we can provide solutions that produce optimal and consistent results.”

Xaar Inc.

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