Can you help? Howard Debney of Leapfrog Machinery has posed the following question to Wide Format Online readers with a view to industry coming up with an answer.

He has a client who restores pinball machines. His question relates to the back light panels and the replication of these, he needs to know if any printer in Australia can help solve his dilemma.

The problem is as follows:

There are two back panels and have been printed in about 8 colours

The white acts as a diffuser for the light behind the colours.

The numbers (located in various places, many behind the round balls) show up only with the back light – they are not visible normally – the colour then also has to be transparent.

The silver mask overlays most of the back and this stops light spillage – it has the effect of concentrating the light only where it is wanted.

If you can help Howard with a printing solution, please contact him on 02 9482 4999 or e-mail

See images below of the old panels which need to be replicated.

img_0641 400.gif

img_0637 400.gif

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