Awning manufacturers and fabricators now have more options when it comes to awning and canopy design. The US Astrup Company now offers Steel Stitch generic shape aluminum extrusions, an awning framing system that allows for designs in an expanded range of angles, curves, dimensions and lengths.

These versatile generic aluminum profiles efficiently and economically fill the need for internal bracing, spacers, support posts, bottom plates and many other applications. They are available in a square tube, round tube and flat bar. Each profile is extruded from non-recycled ingots that allow for trouble-free bending and welding. Steel Stitch generic shape aluminum extrusions can be welded to Steel Stitch’s staple-in shapes to make stronger frames and are capable of supporting heavy loads.

Steel Stitch extrusions are used in a unique framing system for awnings, canopies and signage that utilize the "staple-in" method of fabric attachment. Staple-in is a fabric awning construction method that replaces needle and thread with steel staples. The method creates a tight awning cover with no sewn seams, grommets or laces.


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