The new EVOSol inks from Ink Technologies (UK) Ltd are claimed to be the next generation of truly compatible Eco Solvent Inks for the wide format printing industry.  EVOSol inks are compatible with the OEM for both colour and performance but also offer added enhancements for the user.

Not only are EVOSol inks colour matched with the OEM meaning that no custom profiles are required, they also have a new and improved resistance to scratch, abrasion and alcohol.

EVOSol inks also have a very low odour.

Amy Callow, ITL's Marketing Manager said that, "Having always been dedicated to developing products that protect the environment, ITL’s skilled chemists have ensured that EVOSol inks are non flammable, bio-degradable and emit no harmful VOC emitionss into the atmosphere.

EVOSol inks can be used on most wide format printers currently available on the market and are available in 220ml and 440ml cartridges or for bulk feed systems 500ml, 1 litre and 5 litre bottles. 


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