J-Teck 3, one of the world's most successful 3rd party ink manufacturers, launched their nano ink technology, J-Eco Subly Nano, at FESPA and it will be introduced at Visual Communication Italy in Milan in November.

The company has committed much research into what they call Nanodot Technology and producing a product that gives higher product performance under extreme conditions of application.

Nanodot Technology, they say, gives optimal pigment dispersion thanks to the combined technique of the reduction in nanoparticle size together with their process of surface fixation of the active ionic polymers on the particles themselves.

The advantages of this new technology are many: improved fluidity of the ink through the printing heads, fast drying on the sublimation paper, better stability during the process.
All these factors improve the performances of the ink with subsequent benefits on the printing heads and the printing system in general.

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