Leadership programme on “WINNING NEGOTIATIONS”
Negotiation is a core life skill.  Whether we are negotiating with clients, suppliers and colleagues or those in our personal life, we all spend a substantial part of each day negotiating.

By understanding the phases of negotiation we can learn skills which will help us to constructively reach our objectives and improve our relationships, professional and personal.

In this unique interactive and challenging one day workshop presented by GAMAA under its Leadership Programme participants will -

* Approach negotiation as a structured process

* Discover the importance and process of preparation including defining objectives and limits

* Analyse negotiation styles - is there one best way?
* Discuss negotiation as a bargaining/value claiming process
* Consider trading concessions
* Canvass the tactics of negotiation 
* Address the importance of negotiating with both new and long term relationships
* And explore Integrative negotiations; how to build value in a negotiating relationship

Negotiation is frequently a source of tension, but it doesn’t need to be provided you are armed with the right skills, attitude and confidence to manage the process. Negotiation is an acquirable skill.

GAMAA - Growing tomorrow’s leaders

The GAMAA Leadership Programme is now in its fourth year.  Designed to develop leadership skills within the industry every GAMAA workshop is unique, highly interactive, challenging and inspiring.  In response to interest from the industry GAMAA has developed this one day workshop - the first to be held outside of the GAMAA Leadership 3 day residential workshop programme.

GAMAA works closely with senior academics and business consultants from Australia’s top universities and business schools to develop rigorous and challenging content.

About the workshop leader – Professor John Onto

Professor John Onto has been on the faculty at the Melbourne Business School (MBS) since early 1995.  Prior to this he was at the business school at Georgetown University (USA) as a Distinguished Professor in Management for 8 years. John has designed and led programs in international business and negotiations in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, Mexico and the USA.

At MBS John introduced the highly successful elective, Negotiations – Strategy and Process. Through his company, Carlton Associates Pty Ltd., he has worked with Fosters Group, Kraft, South-East Water, Nilsen Electric, Clemenger BBDO, David Jones Ltd,  ANZ Banking Group, Cricket Australia and GlaxoSmithKline and Freehills.


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