Verdigris, the not-for-profit print environmental research initiative, is inviting print companies around the world to participate in the Verdigris Environmental Awareness survey.

The aim of the survey is to better understand and evaluate the strategic motivators and environmental intentions of print companies worldwide. The survey will be repeated annually to track environmental awareness and adoption trends.

The English version of the Environmental Awareness survey is online at  and other language versions are under development and will be announced as they are ready.

The results will help people and companies develop business strategies and help them understand to what extent environmental issues are meaningful for their businesses, to plan products and assist with training. These results will be presented at Ipex 2010 during the Pira-sponsored Great Debate on Friday 21 May entitled 'Green print: is it worth it?' by Verdigris evangelist and chairperson of the debate, Laurel Brunner. Verdigris supporters will also have the results of this survey available on their stands.

"The results of the Environmental Awareness survey will provide businesses with solid data on which they can base their own decisions," says Brunner. "They will be able to get a real handle on issues such as waste recycling and the correlation between environmental interest and revenue."

The findings will be provided in raw data form to Verdigris supporters and the results will be made available on the Verdigris website at The survey is being promoted by Verdigris supporters, Agfa, Canon, Digital Dots, Fujifilm, HP, Kodak, Oce, Ricoh and Unity Publishing, as well as graphic associations and print industry magazines around the world.



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