Twelve printers have now gained the industry wide GASAA Truly Green Certification.

The firms have been comprehensively trained in maintaining a fully operational environmental management system capable of achieving ISO 14001.

Joining the Truly Green group are recent graduates from NSW ; Centrum Printing (Mascot), Look Print (Leichardt), Snap Printing CBD (O’Connell St, Sydney) and  Snap Printing (Westpac).

Garry Knespal, GASAA Executive officer said he congratulates the newest recipients of the ACCC and IP Australia approved Truly Green Certificate as the industry’s highest green credentials.

“Gaining the Truly Green Certification is testimony to the commitment and determination of firms to move from talking about being green to positive action.  In consulting with participating firms we have found the group dynamics and individual attention shown by GASAA consultant and ISO expert Paul Kohn, have made the process much more manageable and affordable.”

Paul Kohn added “The course not only lays all the important groundwork for obtaining ISO14001 certification, but implements a comprehensive environmental management system that is vital for sustainable and responsible print businesses”.

Firms that have previously gained the Truly Green standing (a number have gone on to obtain ISO14001) are: CDM Print (Rosebery, NSW), Digitalpress (Surry Hills, NSW), Excel - Australasia (Carrum Dawns VIC), Gippsland Trade Printers (Churchill VIC), JA Wales Printers (Alexandria NSW), NSW Land and Property Management Authority (Bathurst NSW), Rawson Graphics (North Ryde NSW) and Shepson Printing (Mascot NSW).

GASAA runs three levels of environmental management training:

Environmentally Responsible (ERI) – Awareness
Environmentally Responsible (ERII) – Improvement
Truly Green – leading to ISO14001

New training course commencing in early 2010


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