Durst’s latest UV Inkjet printer reported to enhance productivity and  expand colour gamut.

Durst today introduced the new Rho 900 large-format UV inkjet printer – a 98-inch-wide printing platform that combines more efficient automated media handling and “process colour additions” with high-speed printing capabilities to deliver far greater productivity and a wider colour gamut.

rho_900.gifThe unveiling took place at the SGIA Expo, under way this week in New Orleans, U.S.  Attendees are being introduced to a high-quality printing platform that simplifies media handling with its automated feeder system, and makes reproduction of even difficult corporate colours possible by printing orange and green or orange and violet process colours – with no special file preparation required.

The new Rho 900 is equipped with Durst’s Quadro 30D Array print head technology to deliver high speed, improved efficiency and exceptional image quality.  Its media handling incorporates an auto-feed table with belts, sheet feed gate with guides for parallel board printing, and automatic two-point pin registration system to ensure accurate front-to-back registration.

The Rho 900’s process colour additions are printed in the same mode as its CMYK process colours.  No special file preparation is necessary.  These additional colours can be printed – even with white ink or light colours – with no loss in output speed.  This enables much smoother colour gradients and more even solids at production-level output speeds.

Top speed of the 6-colour Rho 900 is up to 216 boards (125x80cm) per hour. The user can incorporate the process colour additions with no loss of print speed. “The Rho 900 also can print white, varnish or light colours along with the new additional process colours to expand the possibilities of print jobs and applications”, Michael Lackner, Marketing Manager of Durst said.


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