Avery Graphics have announced a global relaunch of their Integrated Component System (ICS) Warranty Program.

David Newman, Technical Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific said,"the program has been designed to ensure that every product we produce is designed, engineered, manufactured and tested with one goal in mind – the customers complete satisfaction."

He continued, "The ICS Warranty Program is written assurance that products perform exactly how they should from production through application and for the life of the graphic.

“Our products have undergone rigorous scientific testing and have met a very stringent set of durability and physical performance
specifications to be qualified with an extensive range of leading printers and inks available on the market. Customers can be rest assured that our products will print and cut consistently and to the highest quality, whilst providing superior application characteristics and visual appearance for the warranted life.”

The Warranty Program is spilt into two levels - ICS Performance Guarantee and ICS Platinum Warranty.

The ICS Performance Guarantee combines Avery Graphics’ films with qualified components to form a system which, they say, is guaranteed to be compatible ensuring superior performance.

In comparison the ICS Platinum Warranty is available by special request via a qualification process. It has been developed to provide the highest levels of coverage in finished graphic applications the ICS Platinum Warranty is customised to specific needs and is ideal for large fleet or corporate branding projects.

Avery Graphics

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