Queensland Climate Change and Sustainability Minister, Kate Jones has launched Printing Industries’ Sustainable Green Print (SGP) program in Brisbane and commended the program as being a "great branding tool for green printers”.

The launch was held at Fergies Print & Mail in Hamilton. Fergies is one of Queensland’s pilot group undertaking SGP.

Ms Jones said SGP would make it easier for customers to identify environmentally friendly printers.

“Printing companies can not only develop sustainable practices but can now promote their green credentials to the increasing number of customers who want to make the right environmentally-friendly choices,” she said.

“The certification program will also help companies realise the economic and competitive advantages in being green. This is a great branding tool for green printers.

“I encourage printing companies to embrace the program and, not only help the planet, but help their business,” she said.

The Minister said SGP covered the key environmental impacts such as water, energy and waste management and would prove invaluable for clients when considering tenders for printing contracts.

Printing Industries Queensland State President, Ashley Petfield, endorsed the Minister’s comments and thanked the Queensland State Government for its financial contribution to the development of SGP.

“Just being compliant with environmental regulations is not good enough anymore. Print consumers are now demanding that their printers establish and maintain transparency about the environmental impact of their business,” he said.

“Within SGP our members can choose a level of environmental performance that suits their business and commercial needs.

“Sustainable Green Print has now set the standard for environmental management in the Australian printing industry.”

Printing Industries Queensland State General Manager, Neal McLary, said the government’s support and funding for SGP was an excellent example of how government and industry could work together.

“Together we have contributed to the sustainability of Queensland businesses and to the elevation of the environmental credentials of the printing industry,” he said.

Information on SGP is available by calling 1800 227 425 or from any Printing Industries office.

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