With New Systems in the :Anapurna Line, the Recently Launched :Dotrix Transcolor and the Development of Versatile UV Inks, Agfa Provides Total Solutions for a Wide Range of Digital Printing Applications.

With the recent additions of the :Anapurna M and the :Anapurna XL2 wide-format industrial inkjet systems, Agfa Graphics has an extensive portfolio of UV inkjet products to date. The company will use a similar approach to the wide-format market that it used to become a leader in prepress—that is, to offer complete integrated systems and services, and to form close relationships with customers, helping them reach their profit goals.

Since Fespa 2005, Agfa Graphics has continued to offer new innovations in the inkjet space, offering systems and ink technology for practically every printing application there is.
“With our hybrid inkjet presses Agfa is closing the technology gap between the traditional offset/flexo printing and digital” said Jan Vangeel, VP Industrial Inkjet Solutions. ”It is our intention to provide our customers with end-to-end industrial inkjet solutions that maximise their efforts for the highest possible return on investment. It was obvious we have chosen for the UV technology, because of its productivity, flexibility and ecological advantages.”

Agfa Graphics C3 Strategy.
The “C to the power of three” concept represents Agfa’s commitment to provide customers with end-to-end services and industrial inkjet solutions. C3 represents:
• Complete Integration – the tuning of UV-curable inks, sophisticated print heads, workflow software and the inkjet printer or press
• Complete Services – installation and maintenance by Agfa’s worldwide service team, spare parts, customer training and financing tools
• Complete Benefits – vibrant colour, prints with resistant and durable images and printers with increased productivity.

“It’s ‘Completeness to the power of 3,’” said Willy Van Dromme, Direct Marketing Wide Format. “Our goal is not to sell an engine and be done with the customer. Our goal – to be a leader in the wide-format market – is to provide a complete end-to-end solution,  including leading edge services. To do that effectively, we are offering C3-Systems for all possible UV digital print applications, such as sign, display, digital photo printing, labels, packaging, direct mail, billboards, transactional and many more. Beyond the printing capabilities, Agfa Graphics is there with the requisite services to keep the engine productive and profitable.”

An integral element of the C3 strategy is a complete Cost of Ownership (COO) financial tool. It allows customers to determine the best system to match their needs and calculate the greatest return on investment.

More information on C3-Systems can be found on the web at www.switchtoC3.com..

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