NUR showed off for the first time their new Tango, a solvent-based printer, at the International Sign Expo 2007 earlier this month in Las Vegas.

David Reis, President and CEO, NUR Macroprinters said that the new Tango is designed to bring an unprecedented level of cost-effectiveness to the wide-format printing market.

"The machine offers the flexibility to print with solvent dye sublimation inks thus allowing printing on various fabrics. The machine is set to become the machine of choice for middle-sized print shops. Printing speeds of up to 87 sq.m (934 sq.ft) /hr for outdoor applications and 40 sq.m (430 sq.ft) /hr for high-quality, point-of-purchase applications, makes it the most attractive, versatile solution on the market today. With the new NUR Tango we offer middle-sized print shops the opportunity for high quality prints at an affordable price", said David Reis, President and CEO, NUR Macroprinters. "The NUR Tango complements our product portfolio, making it possible for more print shops to grow with NUR", Added Mr. Reis.

Available in 4 and 6-colour models, the NUR Tango supports printing on a variety of substrates including standard PVC, self-adhesives, paper, mesh, textiles and more and allows the development of a wide array of print applications. It is designed to also support double-sided and multi-roll printing options. It will also support dye-sublimation printing for the production of soft signage on a variety of fabric media.

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