Brisbane's Southbank Institute’s signwriting apprentices now have access to the most advanced digital printing and cutting machine on the market.

The new equipment, supplied by Roland DG Australia Pty Ltd, was recently installed at Southbank’s Morningside campus in Brisbane, much to the delight of students and staff.

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David Renouf- Faculty Director, QSPGA, Russell Cooper - Education Mangler, Roland DG, Lee Tagg - Sign Essentials, Kelsey Duncan - QSPGA Ricky Gent, student and Kelsey Duncan, QSPGA

Twenty-one-year-old apprentice Ricky Gent from Townsville was very impressed.  “This new printer/cutter is great.  I’ll be even more popular with my boss when I tell him I’ve been working with this state-of-the-art machine,” Ricky said.  “After all, my employer Visual Graphics recently bought one of these, so this is very timely and training with this technology will certainly benefit my career.” 

Signwriting teacher Kelsey Duncan said he couldn’t believe the quality of the printing when he first looked at a print of an oil painting reproduced by the printer.  “I could have sworn it was real, an actual painting that is, because the paper had the quality of canvas and the colours were so brilliant and lifelike,” Kelsey said.  “It wasn’t until I touched the paper that I realised it was a print. I couldn’t feel any brushstrokes.”

Education Manager for Roland DG, Russell Cooper praised Southbank Institute of Technology for embracing the new technology.  “We wouldn’t have a signwriting industry in this country if it wasn’t for educators and trainers like those at Southbank,” Mr Cooper said.  “They are sowing the seeds with equipment like this and a new generation of signwriters will reap the rewards of this technology.”

Southbank Institute Director Craig Sherrin said signwriting apprentices attending the Morningside campus would definitely be at the cutting edge when they graduated and he thanked the Roland company for its support and foresight.  “The Roland SP-540V, is worth almost $30,000 and represents a great investment in the future of the signwriting and printing industries and the future of our apprentices,” he said.  “This printer-cutter streamlines and speeds up the production process and from what I’m told it’s one of the most versatile tools ever created for the signwriting industry.”

For more information about Southbank Institute of Technology’s more than 400 programs visit  or call 13 72 48. Media Contact: John Ross on 07 3244 5246.

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