Mutoh’s Tension Winder 30 system (T Winder 30) has been specifically developed for sign makers mainly doing short run production jobs and/or frequently printing onto different types of media. 

T Winder 30 is a 2-in-1 solution.  It consists of a motorised winding system enabling automatic roll up of finished prints, up to a load of 30kg.  During roll up, the T Winder 30’s sensorised tension bar mechanism guarantees a constant tension on the media to ensure perfect and straight media transport.  T Winder 30 accepts 5cm (2”) and 7.6cm (3”) media core rolls, with a maximum diameter of 1.50m.  The device’s maximum winding width is 1.625m.

Rockhopper 3 Extreme and Spitfire Extreme printer buyers will from now on have the possibility to configure their 1.651m (65”) printer unit with either a roll-off system in combination with a 30kg take-up system (T Winder 30) or a heavy-duty 100kg roll-to-roll system (Unwinder/Winder 100).

Users starting off with a T Winder 30 system can later on still configure their machine with a heavy-duty 100kg roll-to-roll unit as their business and volume grows, since Mutoh is also offering its Unwinder/Winder 100 unit as an option.

Introduced to market in January 2007, Mutoh’s Rockhopper 3 Extreme and Spitfire Extreme series of printers incorporate Mutoh’s patent pending Intelligent Interweaving print technology, called “i²”, enabling impeccable quality outputs on vinyl at production speeds of 16.5m²/h, at an unprecedented level of user comfort.

The Rockhopper 3 and Spitfire Extreme printers are marketed in both a 1.651m (65”) and a 2.280m (90”) version.  Printing widths are respectively 1.641m (64.6”) and 2.240m (88.18”).

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