Top selling line of :Anapurna inkjet printers proves competence with the prize awarded by the European Digital Press Association.

anapurna mv.gifAgfa Graphics announced today that the European Digital Press Association has rewarded the :Anapurna Mv for the 'Best Flatbed Printer Entry Level of the Year 2009'. EDP acts as a recognised industry forum and groups publishers of leading European magazines who are all devoted to digital printing and associated products. They cover 14 European countries and address more than 1million professional readers.
“The award is given for bringing down both the cost of purchasing and the costs of ink to consumption.”

The :Anapurna Mv was first introduced at drupa 2008 offering an affordable and versatile industrial solution for wide format applications.

“Agfa Graphics has consciously chosen for UV ink based solutions for industrial inkjet”, said Willy Van Dromme, Marketing Manager Wide Format at Agfa Graphics. “UV solutions offer a wide range of possibilities specifically for high demanding applications. With the :Anapurna Mv we go even one step further. You can add gloss effects to enhance the look and feel of your designs with spot varnish or overall varnish. This is unique for this category of printers. Adding varnish will make the print look more vibrant.”

Agfa Graphics' Anapurna printers come with :Anapurna UV curable inks. These inks and varnish are developed for optimum jetability, image quality and adhesion to a wide variety of industry-standard media. :Anapurna comes in various models ranging in width between 24 inch and 100 inch, roll-to-roll or flatbed, offering the best fit for customers applications.

Agfa Graphics

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