Gandinnovations will celebrate its 2,000th printer at ISA, April 16-18 in Las Vegas.

The company has decided to share the experience with everyone, showing off the Jeti 3150 X-2, which happens to be the most successful model in the company’s five year history.
"This is really a monumental occasion," says James Gandy, President of Technology and Engineering for Gandinnovations.  “I was there when the first printer came off the line five years ago and I'll be there to see the 2,000th printer roll off the line in early April. We work extremely hard to ensure that every printer we produce is of exceptional quality.”

Along with the Jeti 3150 X-2, the company will also exhibit its three newest models at the ISA Show. The Aquajet, as well as the eco-friendly Jeti 3348 UV RTR Jetspeed and the Jeti 1224 Nanojet will be printing nonstop for exhibitors.

Even with the sale of the 2,000th printer, Gandinnovations, as well as others in the industry, are not immune to global financial constraints but are weathering the tough storm.  The ISA show in Las Vegas is considered to be a turning point for most in the industry, including Gandinnovations, as a chance to bounce back from the recent difficult months.

Some manufactures in the printing industry have decided to sit out of the ISA show in April and take a step back. Although, Gandinnovations feels that this is a good chance to move forward and make the best of a recession, similar to the business plans of many Jeti owners.

“We’ve had to make some difficult decisions, as others have had to do, which has resulted in necessary cutbacks,” says Gandy, “but we’re stronger than ever and operating more efficiently.  We remain steadfast in our commitment to our customers.  Our focus is on helping their business grow and keeping them be competitive during the fluctuating market.”
Two new products offered by Gandinnovations are specifically designed to keep clients producing and profitable.  JETiWORX and the Jeti Edge provide clients with a maintenance plan, plus on-site technical support and training during the installation of Jeti printers.
Jeti Printers have a solid reputation for reliability, but any shop owner will testify that equipment care and upkeep is critical to maximize production efficiency.
“Our customers make a significant investment in grand-format inkjet production and we want to protect their capital by ensuring their printers are running at maximum potential,” says Cory Brock, Director of Marketing for Gandinnovations.  
“We have always believed that personal service and a great product is what sets our company apart from the competition and now, more than ever, we want to help our customers make the most of the products they’ve purchased,” adds Brock.

The company is extremely honored to demonstrate its products and the ingenuity that has set Gandinnovations apart from other digital print manufacturers. All are welcome to join in the celebration of the 2000th printer with Gandinnovations.   


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