Océ has now released in Australia its Océ ProCut complete flatbed digital cutting table and software system.

Océ claim that it will streamline large format workflows – from prepress to finishing – of rigid and flexible media requiring cutting.

Océ ProCut is an automated finishing system that can be used to optimise simple trimming tasks for rigid substrates such as hard and soft foam board, plastic material, acrylic and styrene, and flexible media including paper, film, vinyl and fabric.

It can also be used to finish more complex jobs such as contour-cut point-of-purchase displays, production-quantity decals, and structural projects.

Supplied as a range of Océ ProCut Digital Cutting Tables to automate cutting operations, the system significantly reduces labour costs compared to manual cutting because only one operator is required to run the highly productive automated cutter.

Material costs are reduced by eliminating job re-runs due to human error. In addition, advanced nesting capabilities enable the use of less-costly, large standard boards that can be cut in-house rather than using expensive, pre-cut materials or outsourcing the job.

The software guides users through the cutting workflow from prepress to finished product generating a print file which can be processed through RIP packages such as Onyx ProductionHouse, then outputted to a printer such as the Océ Arizona 350 GT UV flatbed printer.

Registration marks and a bar code are printed as part of the file. Prior to cutting the operator merely scans the bar code which then identifies the job and retrieves the cut instructions from memory.

procut_scan_02.jpgOnce the system has analysed the exact image position, it starts cutting. Sophisticated optical registration capabilities ensure perfect accuracy for any size or shape. The finished, cut pieces are ready for delivery with minimal operator intervention, 100% accuracy and reduced turnaround time

Adrian Morris, Océ Market Manager, Display Graphics, says the overwhelming majority of digital graphics prints require trimming or contour-cutting once printing is complete.

“Manual cutting takes time and inevitably generates errors resulting in costly reprints, material waste and missed deadlines” he says.  “Trimming thick media and manually cutting contour prints makes jobs particularly vulnerable to this low productivity/high labor cost risk.

“Pre-cut media can be a time-saver on the finishing end, but is expensive and difficult to manage so that finishing is often the bottleneck in a display graphics digital printing workflow.

“At the center of the Océ ProCut solution is the specialised Océ Procut software suite and the Océ ProCut Digital Cutting Tables designed and manufactured in Switzerland by Zünd. This new generation of cutters was recently optimised to offer extreme robustness, vibration-free performance and low-maintenance.”
Océ ProCut Digital Cutting Tables offer an ideal solution to all finishing needs including trimming and contour-cutting, through-cutting, kiss-cutting, routing and creasing. The tables are suitable for roll media, sheets or rigid substrates up to 50 mm thick. Customers can choose from a variety of medium, large or extra large tables up to 3.2 meters by 3.2 meters.

“This is a development which will boost productivity through accuracy and time-saving for all large format production houses. It also means that as most customers who now wish to develop true partnerships with their suppliers, can do so with Océ. Come and see the Procut solution on display at PacPrint , Océ stand number O30  ” Adrian Morris says.

Océ Australia

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