Drytac Europe Ltd will be un-veiling the UV XL80 wide format roller coater and the DES-4 foam edge finishing system.


 Above: the UV XL80 wide format roller coater


 The DES-4 Foam Edge Finishing System

Drytac’s addition to their new generation of liquid laminators is the ultimate wide-format UV roller coater XL80. This is a new introduction to the already successful liquid range, and is expected to transform the future of wide format laminating and all its possibilities. Whether its posters or POS, flexible or rigid substrates, the UV XL offers both a high speed and economical finishing solution for all your graphic needs. With no VOC’s, InstaCure UV-curable coatings are less harmful to the environment than traditional finishing systems, in line with today’s greener printing requirements.

They will also be launching the DES-4 Foam Edge Finishing System at Sign UK, never seen before by anyone in both the UK and  European markets.  This new machine eliminates the need to keep large stock of different colour boards, as it facilitates the application of Drytac PVC and ABS edging on boards in a variety of colours. This innovative machine also permits edging on boards of a thickness ranging from 5mm to 45mm and those of both a foam and solid core-centred display, such as Gatorfoam, Forex, MDF, Foamex & Chipboard and even 10mm foamcore. This flexible machine therefore also allows for the use of recycled/recyclable boards.

Drytac UK

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