Durst has developed un- and upwinders for jumbo rolls up to roll diameters of 110 cm and up to 750 kg (per roll).

The new winders are for the Rho 160R/Rho350/351R and Rho 320R.

rho160r-jr.gifThree of these winding units have been delivered and are satisfactorily in The Netherlands (wallpaper printing) and Germany (polyester film printing).

The winding and unwinding speed can be adjusted according to the printing modes of the Rho, between 0,9-1,6 m/min.

Durst guarantee a teleskop-free winding , have 76 mm pneumatic steel cores and a walkway between winder/unwinder and printing unit for inspection.

The winders/unwinders have a separate power supply and include sensors for tension control and stop etc.

Rolls of different diameter (in case of dual rolls) can be printed with different images.

The Jumbo roll device allows continuous, unattended printing for 6-8 hours.

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