The Consumer Electronic Show in Las vegas is a showcase for both the individual inventor as well as major corporation's latest offerings.

The 2009 show ended just a few days ago having caused quite a few stirs with the amazing innovations on offer.

As reported earlier in Wide Format Online magazine (and seen here in this newsletter) was the prediction that Memjet would become a force to be reckoned with in the world of inkjet printing and wide format in particular.

Being an Australian innovation by Silverbrook Laboratories in Sydney and licensed to Memjet Home and Office in the USA, Australians have been promised that desktop printers using the new technology should be in Australia by next year with wide format machines to follow.

Memjet Home and Office have stated that they are working with major printer manufacturers to integrate their technology into new printer models.

The Memjet machines can print an A4 colour page in one second.

Kim Beswick, Memjet's VP of marketing, said "It's a second per page and there's almost no warm-up time, and it prints that continuously - there's no difference in how fast the first page prints versus the last page."

Existing colour printers capable of printing a colour page every second are large enterprise models costing in excess of $10,000.

Beswick said Memjet allowed printer manufacturers to produce compact home models with similar speeds in the $US300-$US500 price range.

"On a traditional inkjet head the head scans back and forth to create the page, but with Memjet the print head is fixed in the printer and the paper just runs underneath it, so you essentially avoid the scanning back and forth, which improves the performance dramatically," she said.



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