Fujifilm Sericol welcomes two new staff members who further strengthen our sales and customer support services.

Mike Harris – Technical Sales Representative – NSW Regionmike_harris.gif
You could imagine that Mike’s customers really look forward to his visits, as he is a genuinely likeable man with a ready laugh and boundless knowledge and enthusiasm. Born into a printing family and a screen printer by trade, Mike was there at the very beginning of desktop publishing. He spent many years in executive roles at Letraset (who among our readers remembers burnishing individual letters onto artboard?), ran Artistcare outlets, worked for Agfa as sales manager and then state manager, and has worked in other high-level and hands-on roles in the print industry.

His experience covers almost every aspect of the business, and he believes it is experience that counts. “Fujifilm Sericol has the knowledge of inks & applications, the technical background and proven performance regarding press technology,” says Mike. “Our clients trust this experience.”

Mike has seen so much change since his screen printing days. “For me, digital is the future,” he says. “We half-expected the total demise of film by the mid 2000s but that hasn’t happened, however large printers are moving to digital to cover their short run printing. Besides my managing large accounts, another part of my role is in helping printers realise the benefits of going digital.” Mike believes educating graphic designers will also maintain the digital momentum. “It’s the imagination of the users of the products we sell, that’s the only boundary.”

Mark Stallbaum – Technical Sales Representative – Victoria Regionmark_stallbaum.gif
In his 20-odd years in the print business, Mark has experienced first hand many changes across the entire industry. “My father came from the letterpress side and saw the advancement to offset, and I in turn, witnessed tremendous changes in automation, speed and quality to the offset process,” explains Mark. “It was fairly straight forward back then, those that didn’t make
the change eventually fell away’’. I believe it is the right time to consider the benefits of digital, to either compliment the existing screen printing process or, in some cases, to take over from it.

Mark’s industry experience has covered five years in the self-adhesive label industry assisting major companies in the sales and technical area. He has spent 16 years in technical sales in capital equipment, mainly in the offset field, but his role also included dealing with finishing, packaging and label houses. Mark sees opportunities ahead for progressive printing businesses. “I see tremendous possibilities for companies to get themselves involved in wide format digital printing. For years that business has been screen based, but the digital side complements it beautifully, and that includes offset printers and even pre-press design houses.”

Mark looks after a broad group of customers, keeping them informed about products and services… and opportunities. “There seems to be a progression of Companies from both the traditional screen and digital design side that are more prepared to explore other options by looking at more economical and faster ways of turning jobs around,” says Mark. “We have a perfect opportunity to show printers the benefits of taking on the new technologies with a focus on the latest digital flatbed equipment”. ‘’To progress, there is a need to invest and move ahead with the times’.

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