SGIA member James Gandy, President of SGIA ’08 Platinum Sponsor Gandinnovations, today received the 2008 DPI Innovator Award at the SGIA Expo’s Keynote Luncheon.

Gandy was honored for his contributions to the advancements in grand-format digital imaging, such as the company’s line of AquaJet direct to fabric digital printer.
james_g.gif“James has shown unwavering commitment to the advancement of the industry and to simplifying the digital printing process in commercial applications,” said Incoming Chairman Carl Baldwin while presenting the award. “He has continually created printers that fit the needs of the growing digital print markets.”

Gandy started in the specialty imaging industry in 1978 with his company Signtech. As digital imaging became a more lucrative imaging technology, Gandy directed development efforts toward digital printing equipment.
In 2001, Gandy and his brother Hary Gandy formed Gandinnovations, a Toronto, Ontario-based manufacturer for grand-format UV flatbeds, UV roll-to-roll printers, solvent roll-to-roll printers and dye sublimation digital printers to allow for a wide variety of commercial applications.
Notable device introductions include: Gandinnovations’ 2003 release of the six-color Jeti 5000 printer, the first 5-meter (16.4-foot) wide printer to print 5-m wide graphics; and a 2004 dye sublimation process that transformed large-format applications.
“In 2008, his company also introduced a UV roll-to-roll grand-format printer that pushes the envelope on inkjet print speed,” Baldwin said.
The DPI Innovator Award recognizes the creativity and ingenuity of specialty imagers who have advanced the digital imaging industry and community through innovation.



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