Bordeaux Digital PrintInk recently launched a raft of new products for the wide format printing industry.

First up is EdPp, a pigmented ink available in 6 colours: C, M, Y, K, LtC, LtM and flushing liquid. It broadens the already available Eden ink series. The new ink is intended for printers with Piezo printhead such as the Mimaki JV2/JV4, Roland Hi-fi Jet, Mutoh Falcon II (8000)  and Agfa Sherpa series.

“The added value of Bordeaux Digital PrintInk EdPp inks lies in its unique ingredients, and especially in the pigment used.  The  formulation uses self dispersed pigments which ensure stability and lightfastness.

"Eden PP offers exceptional quality printouts and wider colour gamut than currently available inks. It is highly UV resistant and therefore suitable for point of sale (POS) and Point of Purchase (POP) applications.

“Bordeaux Digital PrintInk also regards Eden PP as a milestone in the development of water-based textile inks” said Amnon Shalev, Bordeaux Digital PrintInk Product Manager.  This new ink has been developed with a capability for direct inkjet on textile relying on the compatibility of pigmented inks with cotton fabrics.

PrJ3 is a solvent ink for Mimaki's JV-3 range and fully compatible with Mimaki SS2 OEM ink and a wide range of media types, from indoor posters to outdoor signs. There is no need to flush or spending costly time creating new Profiles. The 6-colour set makes even more creative choices available to the signmakers. Mix & Match, Plug and Print ink with fast drying times and high density prints allows for high-speed printing. It’s easy to convert from OEM SS2 to Bordeaux PrJ3 ink - when no profiling or flushing is needed.

PgNr (Green) is an organic-based Prime Green series. Bordeaux's first product in this series integrates both high productivity level with environmental orientations such as bio degradability, operational comfort and low risk to operators. This ink supports printers such as Mimaki's JV5 and JV3.

New PgNr is an ink whose natural ingredients have been carefully developed into a state-of-the-art environmentally friendly ink. In addition to the obvious benefits of these inks, the technical staff at Bordeaux Digital PrintInk has been able to make improvements that result in superior performance, when compared to inks using harsh solvent systems. The ink is odourless and has perfect adhesion to a wide range of substrates.

Bordeaux’s Plasma ink is a proprietary ink for UV-based printers. Bordeaux’s UV-Curable Plasma ink offers practically instant drying and long-term outdoor durability.  The Plasma ink is fast curing, only requiring short exposure dose to UV light, and generating high resolution in fast mode printing. The colour gamut supports the Eurostandard / SWOP color management systems.

Among its other unique advantages are excellent adhesion on Coroplast plastic sheets and compatibility with all types of substrates and UV applications. It is non-irritant, not regulated for transport, non hazardous, and has 4 light colours and white available.

Bordeaux Clear ink is designed for wide format printers using oil-based inks. It offers very high printing speed with virtually no drying time. Selected superior quality pigments from European manufacturers, provide the widest colour gamut and increase the lifespan of the prints.

Other unique benefits include - Maximum light fastness, Non volatile ingredients (based on mineral oils), Maximum printhead lifespan, Outdoor durability guaranteed for up to 1 year, Compatible with all absorbent substrates and paper, Environmentally friendly - low toxic, Not regulated for transport - non hazardous.

Lastly, Bordeaux has launched the popular Bordeaux Prime PrLs, a HP 9000 compatible ink in chipped cartridges with enhanced colour gamut that match the original. Bordeaux’s Prime PrLs low solvent ink can replace the original HP 9000 inks at a significantly lower cost, without forfeiting the speed and high quality prints for which these printers are known.
Bordeaux’s Prime PrLs maintains the OEM ink properties such as Viscosity, Surface Tension and Pigment Particle Size. These parameters ensure print quality, ink flow through the ink delivery system, droplet properties, color-to-color and printed media interaction.

Bordeaux Printing Inks

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