DES will be presenting the new generation of solvent printer, designed to exceed all print quality expectations for solvent printing.

The Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 printer is the fastest 1.6m wide roll-to-roll printer in its class. “From the enormous range of solvent printers in the market, this is the product which covers most items on my wish list such as robustness, low odour outdoor durable scratchproof inks, wide color gamut for closer spot color matching, simple to operate and maintain and above all priced to attract even small businesses.” commented Eli Friedlander,  product manager at DES.

gs6000.gifEpson has introduced the all-new UltraChrome GSTM Ink Technology, and the CMYKLcLm+Orange+ Green low odour solvent-based ink poses less occupational hazards and environmental impacts. The inks are fully compatible with virtually any solvent-based media and conform to industry standards for outdoor signage.

The two MicroPiezo AMCTM print heads are capable of producing a print resolution of between 360dpi to 1440dpi. This offers the user an optimal print speed versus resolution combination necessary for printing close and distant viewing signage. The advantage of an extended colour gamut and higher spot colour matching accuracy provided by the CMYKLcLmOG color set is maintained throughout the print resolution range.
The printer is also supplied with a motorized take up reel useful for printing long/wide banners and displays.
The key features can be categorized as follows:

  • Robust design
  • Heavy duty steel platform
  • Rolled media up to 30Kg
  • Pinch rollers tension setting
  • Motorized take up reel
  • Odourless solvent inks
  • Outdoor scratchproof UltraChrome GS™ inks
  • CMYKLcLm+Or+Gr for spot color matching
  • Free of smelly and harmful compounds
  • 950cc recyclable cartridges
  • Speedy photo quality prints
  • MicroPiezo® AMC™ print heads
  • Fast drying inks for stick free take up
  • Quality prints at high speeds              
  •  Production at 12m2/hr, Banner at 34m2/hr     
  • The most affordable sign printer
  • Priced to attract all sized businesses
  • Market price of cartridged inks
  • Hardly any consumable parts to replace
  • No extra charge for more features

The Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 printer is supplied with a powerful EFI Fiery RIP, including industry specific options such as Spot Color matching.  Both the printer and EFI Fiery RIP are supported by a professional team of factory trained technicians at DES with access to a full range of locally stocked spare parts and consumable items. Technical and application issues can be simulated on a fully operational demo installation providing efficient remote support.
EFI Fiery XF with BESTCOLOR technology brings out the best in a printer, gives it outstanding quality and make it fast and easy to use. High productivity can be achieved through getting the prints right at the first time, eliminate any errors and therefore reduce waste.



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