Specification Tables for both Roll to Roll and Flatbed and Hybrid wide format printers that are available via an Australian or New Zealand distributor have now been included on the leading local industry magazine, Wide Format Online.

It is believed that this is the first time that this data has been published online, which means it can be updated almost instantly. Readers can download it and then sort it in any fashion they may require, ie., from the slowest to the fastest; from the biggest to the smallest, etc.

Since the tables are in Excel format, new fields can be added as required.

The specifications include some list prices of the various models as well as other running cost, such as Replacement Ink Cartridges, UV Lamp Replacements and Monthly Service Contracts.

"The whole idea of producing these Tables", said publisher Brian Stickland, "was to provide the local industry with an approximate idea of the cost of ownership as well as a cost/performance facility, but this objective has been partially thwarted by a couple of suppliers not wishing to provide the List Price of their machines. They cited that there are so many variables with the hardware/software that is it impossible to provide a price."

Stickland still believes there is enormous value in the Tables, despite the lack of some pricing information.

Because some other supplier's could not meet the deadline for submission of the information, these initial tables include data that was researched from the relevant supplier's web sites. The Tables will be updated once the supplier's concerned have a chance to go through the specifications and check them for accuracy and report any inaccuracies.

Roll to Roll machinery specifications can be viewed by lgging onto http://www.wideformatonline.com/content/view/1559/168/ and flatbed and hybrid machines by logging onto http://www.wideformatonline.com/content/view/1558/168/  or just go to the top menu and you will find these pages listed under the Directories button.

Further tables on dye sublimation machinery, direct to textile and cutters plus other important machinery for the wide format industry will follow in due course.

Wide Format Online magazine

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