The realisation of prototypes, mock-ups and contract quality proofing on various substrates has long been the desire of brand managers in the fast paced consumer markets.

In the past these projects have meant time consuming and expensive ‘late-to-shelf-not-in-the-shopping-cart’ work.

des_proofer.gifRealProof solves these problems by using specially designed UV curable ink to create durable and vivid prints that adhere to a variety of untreated substrates like PET, metallised polyester, BOPP, PE, polycarbonates, coated and uncoated papers, soft packaging film, shrink film and PLA.

“RealProof will inspire brand managers, bringing to life previously unfeasible product concepts”, commented Russell Cavenagh, DES Sales Director – Proofing Solutions. “It significantly reduces time to market and offers our customers in gravure and flexographic printing versatile proofing capabilities, variable data printing and small run production on difficult substrates”

Key Benefits include:

Precious time can be saved as RealProof is able to queue separate jobs and then print multiple copies of one job or a sequence of separate jobs on a continuous roll. This proofing can happen automatically and unattended to increase productivity and efficiency.

The highly precise positioning of white and colour data on the soft packaging film means users can confirm the design integrity.
Mimaki’s UV curable ink has a wider gamut of warm colour areas which abound in the packaging industry. Reproducibility of distinctive designs is outstanding and high colour concentration in bright colours can be obtained.

The modular structure enables EFI Colorproof XF to be customised, users can benefit from the tried-and-tested colour management of Bestcolor Technology combined with maximum flexibility, integration and productivity.



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