‘Nano Gekko-feet’ cling to surfaces and can be easily peeled. Solvent printable, the films can be peeled and re-adhered to glass, metal, vehicles and other smooth surfaces.

Starleaton Digital Solutions have been appointed the exclusive Australian distributor for the UK-invented Hydrosol Taklite range of re-positionable solvent films. These films are not static cling or low-tack adhesive, they employ a unique suction-cling form of nanotechnology.

taklite_clear.gifSDS director Gary Smith comments: “The best way to describe Hydrosol Taklite’s ability to stick to most smooth surfaces, but be easily removed, is that the adhesive side has millions of tiny ‘Gekko feet’ like the cute lizards we see here all through summer. It sucks to the surface and therefore can be cleanly removed and re-positioned by peeling it off. Static cling films can fail over time, especially if they get damp. Low-tack adhesive can harden and leave residue that is difficult to remove. Hydrosol Taklite can be left on surfaces for years and leave only a ‘sweat’ mark that is removed with a dry cloth.”

Hydrosol Taklite can be printed with most solvent, low solvent, Eco-solvent and UV cure inks from Roland, Mutoh, Seiko, VuteK and others. Three grades are available ex-stock from SDS:

Taklite Matt White – For short-term signs, posters and graphics on glass, acrylic board and other smooth surfaces, indoors or outdoors. Anti-reflective, ideal for window displays.
Taklite Gloss Backllit – Front print with high colour brilliance, has a light-diffusing back coat and is weather and scuff resistant. Slashes labour time in removing and changing backlit signs.
Taklite Clear – A see-through film with high gloss coating, yet holds colour extremely well. Ideal for glass applications where transparency is needed along with graphics.

All Hydrosol Taklite grades are available in 914mm and 1372mm rolls.

“The best way to appreciate these remarkable products is to try them so we have initiated a sampling programme of both pre-printed and unprinted Taklite  films. Our first shipment is almost sold out but we have more on the way,” says Garry Smith, “ a lot of glass, metal and gloss painted surfaces will have Taklite’s little Gekko-feet clinging to them very shortly!”

Starleaton Digital Solutions Pty Ltd

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