Wide Format Online magazine (www.wideformatonline.com ) has sent out questionnaires to local suppliers of flatbed and roll fed wide format printers asking for detailed specifications of the equipment they sell locally.

Brian Stickland, publisher of Wide Format Online said this will be a first for the Australia and New Zealand region since the list of specifications, once published, will be a permanent, online and updatable feature of Wide Format Online magazine, thus enabling anybody who is looking for a machine to compare price/performance ratios.

It is hoped the first section, Flatbed printers and hybrids, will be up and running in the first week of October and found under the Directories button above.

This should be closely followed by the roll fed machines and thereafter by the textile and water based ink printers.

Stickland commented that whilst the questionaires have been sent out, we are in the hands of the suppliers to provide the information. It is hoped that they realise the significance of this service to the industry.

Print magazines have published these specifications before, but being print, they cannot keep them updated unless they do a  complete reprint. This is just one of the advantages of publishing 'online'.

Included in the specifications requested is not only the price of the basic unit but pricing of the ink and UV lamp replacements, thus giving any prospective purchaser a fairly good picture of the 'total' cost involved in both the purchase and the running costs of the machine.

This is just one of several new enhancements to Wide Format Online that will be available to our 11000+ wide format readers in the coming months.

Wide Format Online magazine
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