Gandinnovations will be showcasing a special presentation seminar in their booth at both the SGIA and GraphExpo shows where customers will see this new RIP software in action with the Jeti range of digital printers.

The company enlisted ErgoSoft, a business renowned for bringing groundbreaking colour management solutions to the market, to create GandiSoft, a software program uniquely designed to meet the specific requirements of all Jeti Printers and the production of large format graphics.

gandisoft_box.gifErgoSoft has combined the best features of its two top selling software products into one superior program available only through Gandinnovations.

“For those print shops that demand the highest quality output fast and efficiently, no other software can compare,” says James Gandy, president in charge of manufacturing operations in Canada. “GandiSoft was formulated specifically for Jeti Printers by ErgoSoft, and they’re the best in the business. What most printers want is maximum throughput, prominent and distinct images, the most accurate colour possible, and an efficient and accurate job application system. GandiSoft was developed with the concerns of the print shop owner in mind.”

“We’ve worked together for years, but solidified our relationship at DRUPA,” adds Andy Brunner, senior product manager of ErgoSoft AG and project leader for GandiSoft. “The Gandy’s respond quickly to market changes and wanted software that was cost effective and easy to use – one application, one trained technician.”

“We included optional features found in our most popular products and made them standard components of GandiSoft. For example, the Hot Folder which automates workflow production; the I-Cut/contour cut module; our award winning colourGPS ICC Profiler; and multiple printer RIP queue are all included in the package,” states Peter Supry, director of technical services for ErgoSoft U.S.

Sharply designed workflow
At the heart of GandiSoft is a colour rendering engine; an open colour management system with custom linearisation and ink limiting capability, support for various spectrophotometers, and an integrated ICC profiler, colour GPS, all of which combine to provide control over colour accuracy and image fidelity.

Standard options of GandiSoft include: controls for shrinkage allowance and stretch compensation; global colour replacement; colour books that provide for a series of industry standard and custom spot colours; hot folder to automate the ripping and printing process; automated seam extension for creating banner pockets; and an advanced contour cutting option that supports a die-cut workflow.

GandiSoft offers a span of output capabilities including the ability to increase the library of colours, so the operator can see what it will look like on substrate prior to printing.

"The high-end large format digital printer market is a fast paced “niche” industry that requires flexibility and constant improvements in not only hardware, but also software development to remain at the top. At the end of the day, print shop owners want to know: How quickly can you setup a job? How long does it take to achieve the colour quality you’re looking for? How fast can the files be ripped? How much time is really spent on each job? GandiSoft is designed for maximum throughput to have a positive effect on the print shop’s bottom-line.

“Whether you are trying to win industry awards or win a new customer's business, it's hard to ignore superior quality. We anticipate that GandiSoft will set the new standard for colour accuracy and image fidelity, and will quickly become the preferred RIP for all Jeti Printers,” adds Gandy. “The biggest difference users of GandiSoft will realise is image quality and ease of use. The learning curve is short and the user interface is extremely intuitive. It’s a natural experience, very similar to most desktop publishing applications.”

Gandi Innovations

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