Contex announced today that JETimage, the wide format copying software, is now available for the full range of the SD Series scanners.

contex.jpgWith this update, JETimage is now fully compatible with all Contex HD and SD wide format scanner products. JETimage copy software is the tool for professionals in high-volume reprographic and copy shops. It is designed especially for large format copying with the speed, flexibility and production necessary to produce high quality colour matched copies and clean, sharp copies of monochrome originals.

JETimage supports most large format printers for high-quality copying, including HP, Canon, Epson, Xerox, Mutoh, and many others. JETimage can be controlled from either keyboard/mouse or touch-screen.

JETimage also includes basic scan-to-file support as well, including the option to save as a PDF. And you can use JETimage with your printer to print saved files, with all the same controls over the printed output in the “COPY” mode.

With the WIDEsystemNET scanner driver and control software installed, Contex HD and SD scanners can be shared on the network (just like a printer) with other users of JETimage software. A simple configuration of WIDEsystemNET and your scanner can be selected by others on the network as if it is locally connected.

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