Durst say that no other flatbed printer can be adapted to individual needs or upgraded later in the field to the same extent as the Rho 700. And now, with the addition of the corrugated print option, their versatility is further increased. 

rho_700.gifThe corrugated print option enables the direct printing of corrugated boards suitable for use as high quality displays and sample packaging. In addition to corrugated printing, other optional features available on the Rho 700 include the choice of ink variety; white and special effect varnish, also light colours for finer image quality. There are specific inks for rigid, flexible or absorbing media, ensuring the most cost efficient ink choice.

Productivity is maximised by the use of mechanical front stops which enable parallel printing of boards side by side.

Furthermore, overall speed can be increased by doubling the number of printheads. The wide choice of printing applications for the Rho 700 is further increased by its ability to print both roll and rigid media and there is a heavy roll option which will enable unattended printing.

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