Konica Minolta reported 200 show-sales during drupa recently. Its stand covering 2,400m2 across two floors was the 7th largest at drupa.  Konica Minolta’s showcase at drupa involved more than 20 premieres, software innovations and important advancements in areas such as commercial printing, label printing, packaging as well as industrial printing, with focus on aspects like digital transformation and sustainability.



Other highlights included next steps in programmatic printing where Konica Minolta showed how variable data could be taken to the next level by harnessing artificial intelligence (AI). Konica Minolta also demonstrated how separate processes such as foiling, varnishing, printing, and drying can be combined into one full integrated production run in combination with MGI’s AlphaJet showing the benefits of a complete single-pass factory.


Strong focus on sustainability  

On the booth over the 11 days, there was a strong focus on sustainability, the value of print and how customers can “See the Potential in the Future of Print”, Konica Minolta’s main messaging for drupa. Konica Minolta demonstrated ways of sustainable production in line with the philosophy of Industry 5.0. This was achieved by assistance technology, labour-saving and skill-less operations by improving the total throughput of all processes, not only printing.


Konica Minolta demonstrated a range of digital presses including the AccurioPress C14000 toner press with over 2,100 installations worldwide through to the AccurioLabel toner presses that have 1,500 installs. During the show, partner MGI’s JETvarnish 3D Web 400 digital embellishment system –won the EDP (European Digital Press Association) Digital Embellishment Packaging award, which honour best-in-class innovations.

Konica Minolta’s next generation HS-UV Inkjet Press, AccurioJet 60000, which was shown for the first time in public, was one important highlight among the 30 systems running live at drupa. This high-end model follows the quality and technology of the AccurioJet KM-1e series and has a capacity of 6,000 B2 sheets per hour (sph), as well as excellent image quality.  


Far-reaching implications with new approaches

Aiming to ignite printing possibilities, Konica Minolta showcased its vision of digital transformation in the print room of the future. The demonstration revolved around the efficient use of digital equipment, specifically highlighting print automation and assistance technologies. Other highlights were Konica Minolta’s remote servicing operations, as well as the smartphone app AIReLink, a specialised tool for service technicians. Also on show a unique software called “Ex Kansei”, which involves predictive software based on eye-tracking insights.


Exceptional results achieved from a unique approach

Olaf Lorenz, general manager international marketing, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe, said, “This time more than ever at drupa, we took a unique approach by demonstrating true end-to-end print applications. And we achieved exceptional results, all within the Industry 5.0 framework. Our showcase of a range of new presses in toner and inkjet, highlighted how these technologies complement each other.  

“Our innovative displays went far beyond showcasing equipment to present a comprehensive view of print applications that we know from visitor feedback impressed and inspired. We helped customers to see the potential of print by igniting possibilities, as we continue to witness the unstoppable shift from analogue to digital printing.” 

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