HP has introduced a new high capacity 10L ink accessory specifically designed for the HP Latex 2700 printer.


This modular and upgradeable solution opens opportunities for higher volume PSPs by addressing high running costs to the next level, reducing costs whilst simultaneously increasing productivity.

A key sustainability component of this innovation is its compatibility with the HP Latex 2700 model, which eliminates the need to discard or replace existing equipment, reducing waste. PSPs can now seamlessly transition to higher volume printing capabilities without compromising on sustainability and incurring unnecessary costs.

HP Latex 2700 printer

Core features:

  • 2 m (126-in) maximum media width
  • Single roll up to 300 kg (660 lb)¹¹
  • 5-litre colour cartridge
  • Colour speeds up to 121 m²/hr (1302 ft²/hr) outdoor
  • Optional Jumbo Dual Roll Kit and Ink Collector Kit
  • 1-year warranty

HP Latex 2700 W printer

  • 3-litre white cartridges
  • White speeds up to 54 m²/hr (581 ft²/hr)
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