Bannershop, owner of two HP TurboJet 8500 roll to sheet machines have upgraded their latest machine to include a Double-sided Upgrade Attachment.

The second machine was installed in Hong Kong on the 8th of August and will boost the company’s already impressive production capacity. Bannershop has offices all over the world, including Sydney.

tj and double side.jpgBoth the Hong Kong and Sydney facilities operate twenty two hours a day and is happy to accept orders of a single sheet poster.

Anthony Choi, managing director of Bannershop told Wide Format Online that they can incorporate small jobs because of  their unique production set up.

The TJ8500 is ideal for high-volume, twent four/seven printing and is capable of producing up to 400 square metres per hour. However with the newly purchased Double-sided Attachment, Bannershop is expected to increase their productivity even further. Anthony said, "One single operator can effortlessly master the double-sided printing workflow through a switch from roll-to-sheet to sheet-to-sheet.”

Bannershop operates a trade service to other printers who want to offer high volume printing but don't have the facilities.


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