Global printing industry supplier Inkcups has announced the worldwide launch of the MagiCoat Mini,  a scaled iteration of the highly regarded MagiCoat Pre-treatment System for glass and metal vessel printing.

Inkcups MagiCoat MiniInkcups introduces a downsized variant of the MagiCoat Pre-Treatment System

MagiCoat Mini is equipped with state-of-the-art features in a compact footprint to meet the needs of those with lower production demands looking to pre-treat glass and other drinkware vessels for optimal adhesion.

MagiCoat Mini feature include:

  • Pretreatment of up to 10 items per minute
  • A dedicated flaming station and an advanced flaming head
  • Features four independently rotating stations, ensuring consistent quality
  • Utilizes a fine mist spraying system for even application

The MagiCoat Mini hosts four independently rotating stations, one flaming station, a digital temperature control and one flaming head, working in conjunction with MagiCoat Solutions part A, B and C to promote adhesion on tapered and straight walled cylindrical vessels made of glass and other materials. Together the MagiCoat Mini and MagiCoat Solution can achieve up to 200 residential washes or up to 600 industrial washes.

With temperature detect, a key feature, the MagiCoat Mini automatically indexes upon reaching the optimal temperature to facilitate a uniform pre-treatment.

The MagiCoat Mini stands as the ultimate solution for businesses seeking to optimize their operations, offering streamlined pre-treatment processes for glassware and metalized-coated drinkware. With an outstanding capacity to pretreat up to 600 parts per hour, it facilitates production with ease. Additionally, it utilizes a water-based primer, MagiCoat Solution, that compiles with the stringent regulations of FDA 21 CFR 175.300, CPSIA, and California Prop 65.

About Inkcups

Inkcups is a leading supplier and manufacturer of digital inkjet equipment, pad printing equipment, laser platemakers and corresponding supplies. Kissel + Wolf is listed as an Australian Inkcups dealer.

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