Women in Print Australia proudly announces the appointment of Wendy Coss as the Interim Chair of the newly empaneled Special Projects Committee. Wendy brings a wealth of experience and leadership to this role, leveraging her expertise as the General Manager of Commercial Digital Print at Southern Impact.

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The Appointment was made at an extraordinary Board meeting this week and will be formalised by an assessment process and final vote at Women in Print AGM in July 2024.

"I am incredibly excited and honoured to accept this appointment as the Chair of Women in Print Australia's Special Projects WiP WendyCoss Wendy Coss -Women in PrintCommittee. I look forward to working collaboratively with industry professionals to drive positive outcomes and empower women in our field," says Coss, adding: “ They say once you are in the print industry you can never leave! This has proven true for me, for over 30 years this industry has provided me with so many opportunities, challenges, achievements, and most importantly the opportunity to learn from some of the most amazing mentors.”

In her role as Interim Chair, Wendy will spearhead initiatives aimed at providing support and services to women in industry, fostering innovation, and driving positive change. Her strategic vision and commitment to diversity and inclusion make her a natural fit for this crucial leadership position. The first project commencing immediately is the Women in Print Scholarship Program.

"We are thrilled to welcome Wendy Coss as the Chair of our Special Projects Committee," says Stephanie Gaddin, Board Chair of Women in Print Australia, Editor of Digital Image Magazine, and General Manager of Rocking Rose. "Her passion for advancing women's careers in print, coupled with her extensive industry knowledge, will undoubtedly strengthen our efforts and make a lasting impact. I look forward to working with Wendy across our new scholarships program, and the exciting initiatives the Board has placed on the agenda for 2024.”

Commenting on the introduction of the new committee, Sam Dobie, Deputy Chair of Women in Print Australia and Tasmanian Patron, emphasises: "The new committee is is part of a wider strategy to foster broad inclusivity within the print industry, through many different programs. We believe in creating opportunities for all individuals, regardless of background or experience, to thrive and contribute."

As the Chair of the Special Projects Committee, Wendy will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Women in Print Australia. She will drive forward initiatives that promote inclusive professional development, networking opportunities, mentorship programs, and other structural supports that are identified by the Board in the future.

Wendy Coss, and other WiP other Board members, will be at the upcoming Breakfast Series which are already selling after bookings opened last week. To get your tickets in your city, please follow the link below:

Women in Print Breakfast Series [All Cities]

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