Out-of-Home advertising company JCDecaux and news platform The Daily Aus have launched an education campaign to inform Australians about the upcoming Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum.


The education campaign, Be a voice, not an echo, "empowers audiences to make an informed decision when they vote on October 14,” says JCDecaux Australia. “The campaign will run across JCDecaux’s network from Monday 11 September until the referendum on 14 October. The site thedailyaus.com.au/voice can be accessed directly via the QR code on the campaign.”

Tess Phillips, executive general manager – corporate affairs, JCDecaux Australia, says: “Given all Australians will shortly be asked to cast their vote, as a business with signage on lands across this country, reaching a broad and diverse audience, we saw an opportunity. Working with The Daily Aus allows us to unite the reach of two media powerhouses, directing people to simple, impartial, and trusted information to help inform their vote.

“Using our channel to help provide education about this key moment in history not only aligns with our RAP commitments, but it’s also the right thing to do.”


Zara Seidler, co-founder, The Daily Aus added: “We want to provide people with all the resources they need to make an informed choice come voting day. While we reach young people in the digital world, working with JCDecaux has allowed us to amplify that message offline – in the real world.”

The partnership encourages audiences to access TDA’s Voice Hub, where people can access simple explainers on the Voice and understand the civics process behind the referendum itself.

JCDecaux is the number one out-of-home media company worldwide, with more than 1 million advertising panels in more than 80 countries and more than 13,000 employees. Incorporated in 1964 in France, JCDecaux was listed on the Paris Stock Exchange in 2001. JCDecaux has been providing street furniture in Australia since 1997. Its Australian and New Zealand businesses includes 40,000 assets spanning airports, rail, transit, static and digital billboards.

Postal votes for the October 14th referendum have already opened. Latest pre-polls, such as that published in the Guardian, indicate that a majority 'No' vote is likely to be the outcome, with one report saying the 'Yes' campaign is "Falling off a cliff." However, amongst 18-34 year olds (millenials) 'Yes' support is much stronger.




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