Designed to sit at the centre of a print workflow, the new Fiery FS600 Pro Platform adds enhanced automation, colour and job processing tools to increase productivity and digital press performance.


Screen Shot 2023 09 11 at 10.56.56 amFiery LLC, the largest independent provider of digital front ends (DFEs), announced “the most innovative and user-friendly Fiery DFE, providing unrivaled performance, superior colour, and intelligent automation for digital printing. With the new Fiery FS600 Pro platform, print providers can simplify and automate job preparation and processing while ensuring print production runs smoothly and at maximum capacity.

“The new Fiery DFE platform brings innovation to an extensive line-up of new, state-of- the-art digital presses coming for commercial, quick print, in-plant, packaging, office, and industrial segments. Fiery FS600 Pro-based DFEs will be available with the next- generation digital printers and presses from many of the world’s leading manufacturers.”

John Henze, vice president, sales and marketing, Fiery said: “As print providers face rising operational costs, labour storages, and decreased margins, they need intelligent automation tools designed to increase both employee and print system efficiency. The Fiery FS600 Pro platform does just that by automating prepress, makeready, and colour management into one-step workflows, making it easier for less experienced operators to print the highest-quality product the first time. With Fiery doing the heavy lifting, print business owners have the tools and analytics to maximize production throughput, save time, and reduce errors, resulting in increased profitability.”

Fiery DFEs sit at the centre of a print environment driving press performance and job workflows across all Fiery Driven presses, shifts, and locations. Fiery's independent DFEs are flexible allowing customers to tailor their print solutions to their specific needs. The Fiery FS600 Pro platform expands on proven technology to include:

  • Intelligent HyperRIP technology.This game-changing innovation makes it easier for print service providers to meet tight turnaround times for higher volumes of shorter runs. Intelligent HyperRIP automatically switches between single-job and multiple-job modes based on a file’s characteristics for faster processing, either splitting a single job into multiple parts, or processing multiple short jobs simultaneously. For example, a Fiery FS600 Pro NX Premium DFE can process mixed-length jobs up to 2 times faster than previous Fiery platforms with traditional HyperRIP.
  • User-friendlycolour management automation. New, easy-to-use colour automation features ensure superior colour accuracy and quality while cutting operator and profiling time by up to 50%. With one-step colour management, users can calibrate and profile media directly from Fiery Command WorkStation. For presses with inline instruments, Zero-touch recalibration keeps colour always in check by performing scheduled recalibrations.
  • Streamlined, error-free job setup and submission. Simplify the prepress workflow and reduce manual job touches as users can now seamlessly submit jobs to Fiery JobFlow directly from Fiery Command WorkStation. Operators can group multiple jobs and apply properties to speed up job preparation time. Fiery JobExpert analyzes incoming PDFs to identify repeating records in jobs for VDP preparation to maintain record integrity. The result is a one-click workflow for most job types, resulting in significant time savings, and is easier for operators to print jobs with the correct settings.

Plus, Fiery FS600 Pro DFEs integrate Adobe PDF Print Engine 6.0, providing users with a native end-to-end PDF workflow that helps improve the consistency and flexibility of the printed output from design to print.

  • Built-in print scheduling. The new Fiery Print Scheduler provides effortless job scheduling and planning, allowing operators to slot jobs into a dynamic 24-hour window to best align with equipment availability and customer deadlines.
  • Enterprise-level security and compliance. Fiery FS600 Pro includes several security and compliance enhancements designed to meet the highest corporate and industry regulations for data security, encryption, and sanitization standards. This includes integration with organizational single sign- on (SSO) credentials and full compliance with FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria. Plus, Fiery FS600 Pro servers include native support for the Mopria Print Service and Universal Print by Microsoft, addressing the demand for secure, cloud-based printing and management in remote/hybrid work environments.

“Emerging technologies like generative AI are challenging businesses to rethink how work gets done,” said Henze. “At Fiery, we’re proud to deliver the most intelligent DFE with unique smart features that intuitively guide operators to achieve optimal efficiency and print quality based on the characteristics of jobs and resources available.”

Fiery, LLC is the leading provider of digital front ends (DFEs) and workflow solutions for the growing industrial and graphic arts print industries, with a customer base that includes over 2 million DFEs sold globally. Fiery DFEs are installed in a diverse range of industry segments, including commercial print, packaging, signs and display graphics, ceramics, building materials, textiles and other specialty applications.


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