Metamark, distributed by Ball & Doggett and subsidiary Conect, says its new MetaCast MCX wrap film is the ideal solution for professionals seeking high-performance full vehicle wraps.  

Matamark 23 logo“To meet the demands of modern car owners, MetaCast MCX offers a contemporary range of colours, including the exclusive Metamark Inspire Colours,” the UK-based company said.

"These colours are specifically designed to replicate the most popular OEM paint colors from leading manufacturers, making it easy to personalize any vehicle.

“This advanced wrap film combines MetaGlide air-release technology and comes with a MetaSure warranty, ensuring up to 12 years of durability.

“MetaGlide has a micro channel air release system giving an optimal performance with enhanced repositionability and high adhesive strength. This gives total confidence when fitting into 3D channels and recesses.


“With MetaCast MCX, you can be confident that you are getting a high-quality product that is both durable and visually appealing. Choose MetaCast MCX for your next vehicle wrap project and experience the ultimate in wrap film technology.”

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