PVC appears to be on the way out for many signage applications, vehicle wrapping being a notable exception. PET can deliver as good or better performance than PVC and is more sustainable. Neschen's Solvoprint from Starleaton is a prime example.

Starleaton WindowGrip PVC free
Neschen's Window-Grip PVC-free PET films are available from Starleaton


Neschen Forest sqEnsuring advertising has less impact on the environment is becoming a demand from advertisers. The answer is to use PVC-free window-grip® films. PET films are 100% PVC-free and can be re-used or repositioned many times without the loss of adhesive force, making it a durable alternative for adhesive-backed films. They are designed for application on flat substrates for area advertising: especially glass, mirrors, electronic equipment, monitors, displays. Suitable for solvent, latex, and UV-curable inks. 

Roll widths up to 16o0 mm were recently introduced, making it is now possible for production to be even more efficient and flexible. Neschen says: “The amount of waste is reduced even further thanks to fewer off-cuts."

“Thanks to the proven water-based and solvent-free easy dot adhesive technology, the PVC-free easy dot innovation is an excellent option for applying adhesive to glass and window surfaces indoors, as the unprinted areas are absolutely transparent. 

Neschen adds: “Both permanent and short-term designs are possible, since in addition to fast, bubble-free application, easy removal is also no problem. Even in the ‘kiss-cutting’ process, easy dot PET transparent L-UV can be cut without any concerns. This keeps all options open for further processing. When applied to the inside of shop windows – with a mirror print – the durability is increased many times over, as it is thus protected from environmental influences and vandalism.”

If required, easy dot PET transparent L-UV can also be combined with PP matt backing. “The white special film serves as a laminate and completely replaces a full-area white print. This saves ink, time, and money, making it ideal for environmentally friendly composite applications with transparent media.”

HP-certified for best results with latex and UV inks, easy dot PET transparent L-UV enables durable print results in high optical quality. The film is very stable and does not show any shrinkage. Starleaton ClearED Neschen

“Since Neschen always develops its product innovations with the environment in mind, the new easy dot film is also PVC-free,” the company claims: “It also enables material savings of around 25 % compared to PVC products, significantly reducing waste volumes. This can be reduced even further with the new widths, as the variability saves on material.

“With an EN 13501 certification, it has the best possible fire protection class for polymer films, B-S1,d0. easy dot PET transparent L-UV is available in widths of 106.7, as well as 137.2, and 160 cm.”


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