Seiko Epson Corporation has launched a three-year partnership with global conservation organisation the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) that will focus on forest restoration and conservation around the world. "The world is facing an environmental catastrophe and it is essential we act now,” said Epson global president Yasunori Ogawa.


“This partnership is the first of its kind for a Japanese corporation in the electronics and precision instruments sector and builds on the existing relationship between the two organisations that started in March 2022 working on marine conservation in Southeast Asia,” Epson said.

The partnership has three main objectives:

- Addressing Epson's environmental footprint,

- Supporting WWF's forest restoration and conservation projects in seven countries in four regions, and

- Communicating about environmental issues.

WWF logoTo make this possible, Epson is planning a contribution of 240 million Japanese Yen ($A2.6 million) over the next three years starting from March 2023 that will go towards WWF forestry projects.

Through the partnership, Epson will be supporting forest conservation activities and nature recovery efforts implemented by WWF across several "Deforestation Fronts" and will aim to improve sustainability in their supply chain as a participant of WWF's Forests Forward program. “To realise a nature-positive world together, the collaboration will also promote the responsible use of forest resources (paper) in business, as well as future considerations for the conservation of freshwater ecosystems and activities that contribute to a circular economy,” said Epson.

th 2860517742"We are delighted to sign this agreement with the WWF," said Yasunori Ogawa (pictured), global president of Epson. "The world is facing an environmental catastrophe and it is essential we act now to preserve the biodiversity of our planet before it is too late.

"This partnership reflects Epson's commitment to conserving the environment, reducing waste, and ensuring that the use of natural resources is sustainable. With a goal of realizing a future in which people can live in harmony with nature, the WWF is a perfect fit for Epson."

"WWF welcomes this ambitious partnership with Epson for the future of the forest," said Tobai Sadayosi, CEO of WWF-Japan. "It's not only a single company's commitment, but also reflects a significant step forward to accelerate efforts from the private sector to prevent the degradation of nature, in particular the forests, that we all depend on."



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