MUTOH has released its 'Embossed Print Environment' pre-sets for the VerteLith Rip with Xpert Jet  XPJ-461UF & XPJ-661UF bench top printers. This enables easy set up for embossed printing, creating sensational tactile and visual effects on a wide variety of products.

Mutoh Embossed Tyranasaurus
Two-layer gloss and matte finishes achieved with Mutoh's Embossed pre-sets through VerteLith Rip

Mutoh Embossed Blue patternMUTOH Industries Ltd., a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers, has announced the release of its "Embossed Print Environment (pre-set files)" for Mutoh genuine RIP software, VerteLith, and the Texture Library files found in Adobe Illustrator. It is optimized for embossed printing on Mutoh's UV LED flatbed printers, XPJ-461UF and XPJ-661UF. The service is available in Mutoh Club, a website exclusively for Mutoh users.

Embossed printing (thick layered or high-build print) using varnish ink on the LED-UV printers can be set up simply by loading the Print Environment (pre-set) into VerteLith. Six different surface texture combinations are available with three varying thickness levels with a gloss finish and three varying thickness levels with a matte finish.Mutoh Embossed Phone Cover

The Mutoh Texture Library, in combination with the Embossed Print Environment, provides texture patterns that are ideal for decorative printing of promotional goods and other items with '2.5D' texture, in addition to flat designs.     

Simply load the pre-registered Print Environment (pre-set) to complete the setup

The Mutoh UV LED printers, XPJ-461UF and XPJ-661UF, are equipped with 'UV LED Lamp Local Dimming Control Technology' that enables fine adjustment of printed surface texture by controlling UV LED lamp irradiation. In order to achieve a gloss or matte finish, the irradiation parameters of the UV LED lamps must be fine-tuned according to the purpose.

VereLith, Mutoh's genuine RIP software,  can pre-register complex settings including irradiation parameters as print environments, which can then be exported and imported. Mutoh has now created the Print Environment in which the settings necessary for embossed printing are registered. Users simply download this Print Environment from the Mutoh Club and load it into VerteLith to complete the embossed print settings.

There are Six different combinations of three thickness levels and surface finishes, user-selectable from a gloss or matte surface finish, with six different combinations of one to three layer-thickness.Mutoh Embossed texture roses

Mutoh has also prepared 100 different texture patterns for embossed prints, which can be used as patterns in Adobe Illustrator. By printing texture of 2.5D on goods and other items, value can be added to otherwise plain print, by embellishing it with visual and tactile patterns.

Going forward, Mutoh will continue to add texture patterns for various applications.

The supported printers : XPJ-461UF、XPJ-661UF operate with Ink sets of 6 colors K,C,M,Y, White & Varnish. The supported RIP is Mutoh's genuine VerteLith.

Adobe Illustrator Ver.CC 2020 is recommended


A short video can be seen HERE

Mutoh 461 661UF
Mutoh's XPJ-461UF and XPJ-661UF are compatible printers for the 'Embossed Environment'





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