Brazilian company, MPV7, located in Rio de Janeiro, specialists in backlit posters and other advertising material, has recently installed a very large format, fully-automated screen-printing four colour Thieme 5070XL lines.

thieme-pressphoto1_0810_siebdrucklinie.gifThe large format line (maximum print format 1600 mm x 2600 mm) is not only the first fully automatic screen-printing line with rotary gripper system for MPV7, but rather for all of Brazil. It consists of four printing stations, three UV intermediate dryers, a free standing end-dryer and a stacker. The printing process from the sheet feeder to the stacker is completely automated and is programmed and monitored from a central operating panel.

The multicolour screen printing process at MPV7 previously required more manual intervention. The older printing machines, which have now been replaced by Thieme 5070XL, were semi automatic machines connected to a multicolour configuration by means of transport belts and manual handling. A total of 20 print production colleagues worked on this installation and since the wages in Brazil have in recent times greatly increased, this personnel-intensive production method had become too costly.

Only two trained printers are now required for the new machine and offers a four-fold increase in productivity as well as a clear improvement in print quality.

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