Xanita are very pleased to announce the appointment of Dalton Paper as the exclusive distributor of X-Board in Australia.

Now sold in 24 countries, VOC-Free and 100% repulpable X-Board is fast being embraced by hundreds of flatbed printers around the world seeking out lucrative new “green” print opportunities. Major retailers are globally specifying X-Board where they previously accepted non-repulpable foam boards, styrene, MDF and particleboard, as they increasingly take stock of what printed substrates get discarded across their store network, direct to landfill.

v-notch_aristo_germany.gifFrom mini shipping containers, to custom-printed coffins, kids and exhibition furniture, printed bulkheads, temporary display walls, shelving and column-wraps, X-Board is a printable construction panel like no other. Shop-fitters love it as it feels similar to timber in terms of flex strength, but it can be hand-cut, curved, folded and flat-packed with up to 80% weight savings....and later recycled as industrial waste paper. “Eco-Specifier” and “GECA” applied for certifications will soon formally expose X-Board to most architects, shop-fitters and designers across Australia, many of whom who will seek out printer / shop fitter alliances.


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