In Monday's weekly reminder e-mail blast, we mentioned that the closing date for entries into the ASGA Awards was the 31st July 2008. Michael Punch, the General manager of ASGA was quick to point out that this date was incorrect and was in fact the 8th of August.  Apologies to ASGA and all those that were affected by this incorrect date.

So a bit of extra breathing space for those companies wishing to enter these prestigeous awards.

Companies are urged to enter these awards for a number of excellent reasons.

The publicity attached to winning an Award is a great marketing strategy
The Award logo can be used along side your company's name
The process of entering Awards forces you to look at key aspects of your business
Winning an Award can boost staff morale and pride in the company

These reasons should not be underestimated, they are all powerful reasons and in the past, winning companies across the graphic arts industry have found that being the recipient of such an award creates a positive drive in the winning business as mentioned in the last point above.


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