Seiko I Infotech Inc., previewed a new 104-inch solvent inkjet printer, the “ColorPainter H-104S” at Drupa last month.

The “ColorPainter H-104S” is reputed to achieve a printing speed of 55 sqm/h with 8 colours while maintaining extremely high image quality and density. It achieves this speed by utilising eight super-wide, piezo inkjet heads. They say the speed is approximately 1.5 – 2 times faster than competing models in the same price/width class.

The new inkjet heads offer true 720 dpi resolution and bigger droplet sizes by firing multiple drops to maximise ink density levels – even at high print speeds. The printer offers a new “mild solvent” ink set that has excellent colour and adhesion and can be configured two different ways: eight colours with one head per colour (Y, M, C, K, Lc, Lm, Grey and Light Grey ink colours) for maximum image quality, or four colours with 2 heads per colour (Y. M, C, K ink colours) can almost double the speed eight colours for maximum productivity.

It incorporates new features such as “Smart Pass Technology” to optimise pass-to-pass dot placement for smooth spot colours and gradients and “Automatic head height adjustment” to ensure the best image quality.

Seiko I Infotech plan to announce the detailed release schedule of the ColorPainter H-104S in September 2008 at Viscom Europe.



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