Following the Boxing Day fire that destroyed virtually everything inside Big Image Graphics' Adelaide premises, ASGA and the industry has rallied around Carlo Capogreco's renowned company and he is back in production, to some extent at least.
BigImage Carlo
 A distressed Carlo Capogreco (c) speaks with investigators following the fire (photos courtesy Adelaide Advertiser)
SA Police issued the following statement:

"Just after 9.30pm on Saturday 26 December, patrols were called to a printing business in Orsmond Street, where a number of MFS crews were battling a large blaze. It took several hours for the fire to be brought under control which caused significant structural damage to the building and adjoining properties.

Fire Cause Investigators attended the scene and have established the fire started in the rear workshop causing around $2,000,000 damage. Due to the structural instability of the premises, investigators have been unable to safely conduct a full internal examination. The cause of the fire remains undetermined and investigations are continuing."

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